PhD arts project „Flickering story“ by Jelena Nikolic, created under the supervision of Aleksandra Jovanic PhD, Assistant Professor, represents practical and theoretical research of the interactivity concept, that reviews the way in which architectural space communicates in digital era. By creating an interactive light installation, uniquely designed to adapt to the specific space context, space becomes the place of poetic narratives. By using light and color in an interactive play of glittering, installation creates a flickering story and through movement, sound and twinkling, it reacts to movement, touch and presence of people. This way, scenarios are made that visitors can intuitively discover like a hypertext and the intensity of the experience is defined by the power of transformations and communication with the space around them. By bringing in the idea that a small piece of all of us should be injected in the current appearance of the space around us, thus personalizing and resocializing public spaces, this project explores its possible future concept. The artistic part of the project is presented in the form of an interactive light installation, linked to a web site. These two independent parts are linked to each other, and in the same time, they inform and create an interactive play, thus reconnecting people to the environment. The theoretical part of the project consists of theoretical background, interdisciplinary researches of the phenomenon of color, researches of interactive experience and further possibilities of development of interactive landscapes.

Keywords: interactivity, space, digital art, light installation, colours, emotions

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