This is the story of love, one of the most complex feelings, which gives the most intense sense of closeness. Indo-European root of the word is basically the Latin word Loubet, which meant something pleasant, satisfactory. Ancient Greeks though of love as an illness, as one crazed friendship, in which there is nothing reasonable. According to Jung (Carl Gustav Jung) every person has a certain idea of other person, created during the childhood, that one finds magical and falls in love at first sight, almost instantly.

Love is the greatest source of strength for the illusion, and the most profound evidence of the power of action. It is the need to come out of your inner self into something bigger and wider and more general ...Jovan Dučić

When we try to control it, it destroys us. When you try to capture it, it actually captures us. If you try to understand it, it totally confuses us and leaves us lost. Paulo Coelho

Purple color is a magical color, very rare and expensive in antiquity because of the way it was made and because its features did not fade over time but became more intense. It was first made in ancient Tiri from the Mediterranean sea snail mucus, that were mixed with salt and heated at high temperature. Just like love, it symbolizes intoxication, melancholy and wizardry. It connects calm stability of the blue color and the energy of the red color.

The anticipation, sweet uncertainty, twinkling game. Purple color.