This is a story about anger that has always been considered a misterious negative feeling. In ancient times, it was belived that anger is a kind of short term madness. The differences in human temper had been ascribed to different combination of humors in body. Seneca claimed that people with red hair and redish skin had violent temper as they had enormous quantity of hot and dry humor (coler) in their body.

When an anger starts to grow, think about consequences. Confucius

The red color is the oldest chromatic colors of all, associated to blood, passion, fire, danger and it represents a color of extremes. The word is dating from the historical period before pyramids and it is related to the sanscrit word rudhira, that was translated as red or blood. In alchemy it was the best of all colors. Vermillion red has long been considered as a preliminary phase of philosophical stone, magic supstance that transfers cheaper metal into gold. During ages, red color had negative connotation with anger and revange. It inspires the deepest human feelings.

A hank that wraps and grows, becomes heavier. Red color.