The story about desire and longing has been visualized as a symbolic story about butterfly, that is a symbol of soul, immortality and constantly changing. It has always been flying towards the Sun. The light attracts the butterfly and moves it like a desire, ambition, although it is the same light that can burn its wings and destroy it.

The Ancient Greek relation toward desire has been emphasized in the carriages of Platon’s Fedrus, whose soul has been guided by two symbolic horses, by dark horse of passion and by white horse of ratio. Latin word for desiring desidero came from the complex word de- + sidus, in translation from stars and constallations. So the desire of Ancient Rome was related to astrological hopes. Decart described it as a disturber of the soul. The desire motivates us, moves us, we want it because our the most successful ancestors wanted it. So a piece of happiness is a kind of mirage.

Eventually, all we want is to desire. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Who will control the creazy wind? Who will forbid open sea to foam? Who will mark the border of a desire? Petar P. Negosh

The man as a whole is created of its desires. Indian saying

The golden yellow is a color worshiped from the very beginning. It has been attracting people by virtue of the brightness and the resemblance with the sun. Word has the Indo-European base gel, which at the same time meant a bright, shiny thing and shouting. By ascribing it magical properties, people have used this color for centuries to paint everything that they considered as the most valuable, so celebrating the glory of the sun, pulsing of life. For the ancient Egyptians it was the sun and eternal life, for Christians the light of Christ, for the Renaissance kings it was the royal power and status, for Gustav Klimt (Gustav Klimt) it was love.

Attraction. Golden-yellow color.