This segment tells a story about feeling of fear. The word came from indoeuropean base *per that meant attempt, research, risk. Philosophers of Ancient Greece had very strict theories about this feeling. They thought that the blood of an angry man radiated away from the heart and caused angry behavior and thoughts while the fear, quite contrary, made blood get back to the heart, making the body cold, which had led to many physical symptoms (tremors, sweating).

Do not capitulate to your fears. If you do so, you will lose the connection with your heart.Paulo Coelho

And it's not a preference but the weakness, which throws people - unarmed by reason against capricious destiny - in this endless sufferings and fears, and they are not even enjoying their possessions - the possibility of future losses constantlly torments them, makes them suffer and be depressed.Ploútarkhos

Man is mortal with its fears and immortal with the desires. Pithagora (Πυθαγόρας)

Blue color is the deepest, coldest and puriest of all, and in addition to white, it moves towards infinity and the unknown. It is associated with the mystery, passivity and melancholy. In the beginning, this color was completely invisible and elusive up to the XII century. There are no signs of it in a cave drawings. It was a no name dark color in Ancient Greece and for the Romans it was the ugly color of barbarians. Even in the Middle Ages there was only a pale and blurred blue. Since that time and the discovery of precious pigment lazuli, that looked like peace of sky, obtained from semi-precious stones from the east, it becomes the most exotic and the most mysterious color of all. Once considered warm, now it is a cold color.

Coldness. I feel fragile as a delicate branche. Blue color.