This part of animation represents a story about sadness, which is a part of human experience whose definitions were case of disagreement for centuries. The doctors of ancient Greece thought that the cause of this feeling is internal and that it depands on the concentration of black liquor in the body, melaina kole, which was believed to cause grief. Melancholy was considered necessary for the acquisition of wisdom, and today it is believed that its primary role in prehistoric times was a hardening of social connections and gaining support. It was the feeling that gathered people and created communities that were necessary for survival.

Express your pain in words! Pain that had not been said, chokes a heart until it explodes. William Shakespeare

According to Kandinsky, color black is a complete dead silence, the absence of all colors. For ancient Greeks it was the color of the underworld and in the ancient Roma it was the color of mourning, that was made from the burnt vine branches and debris crushed grapes. For centuries it was an unpure color of Christianity, the color of darkness, associated with death, evil, witches and sins. It creates a sense of emptiness, sadness and sorrow. Rembrandt (Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn) had expressed the most complex human feelings by using it in paintings.

Although its translation indicates growth (Teutonic koren'grô '), the color green is also associated to poison, dragons, monsters and devils. The ancient Greeks almost hadn’t notice it while in ancient Rome it was made by dipping copper in the fermented wine. Kandinsky (Vasily Vasilyevich Kandinsky) thought that this color has a passive effect, compering it with a cow, which can only chew and observe the world with its stupid and dull eyes. One of the green pigments was one of the deadliest ones ever, used in the 19th century because it contained arsenic and copper.That is why it was considered dangerous, even cursed color. I associate this toxic color with sadness, that is a poison in the body.

Cold wind blows though the weak body and leaves devastation, silence. Black color, green color.